grinsekatze (ellie_zimt) wrote in kanjani8,

Eito Fan-Vid ~~

First of all, hello fellow Kanjani-Fans, hope you're all doing fine! ☀

I wanted to announce that I decided to start an " I ♥ Kanjani8" Youtube-project, where I need your guys help!
I plan to make a slideshow video with pictures of Eito-fans holding messages to the boys ( like "I love Kanjani" or " Gambatte" and stuff... I guess you know the deal ;) ) and recorded voice messages, as I realized some time ago there is nothing like this in K8 fandom (or at least I couldn't find something like this). I originally just wanted to make a vid with pictures, but today I saw an encouragement video for NEWS with voice messagges, which really impressed me so I thought I could try that too. When the video is done I'll upload it to Youtube and inform you about it.  

But, again, to be able to make this video reality, I really need your assistance!
Together we can make it :)

Please send me your pics ( every format) and voice messages (in English, mp3, mp4 if possible) to or PM me.The pictures can be simply normal pics or as crazy and funny as you want them to be. The voice messages can also just be some kind of well-wishes for Kanjani or anything you always wanted to tell them, but it shouldn't be longer than max 20 secs.

If someone of you wants to help with translating the voice messages ( if I recieve any,lol) and making Japanese subtitles just contact me :)

Enjoy the summer and the sun, guys, love and peace ;)

Tags: !: information, !: news, fanlistings, fanwork: other, fanwork: video, k8 fans, other, promo

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