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ok so my laptop was being suicidal so i decided to reformat it. WHAT I THOUGHT I'VE BACKED UP ALL MY STUFF, I forgot that I haven't backed up a couple of files. that include my whole folder full of Subaru solos. I got it on a K8 forum I frequent but the link has been taken down. SO RIGHT NOW I'm looking for the following songs :

1. Pray
2. Gunjyourui
3. Aoi Sora
4. Name of Love (w/ Nishikido Ryo)
6. Fools Day
7. Aishiteru Aishitenai
8. Sayonara
9. Sa*wer
10. Kono Hoshi Ga Kagayaku Wake
11. Greedy
12. Eien
13. Tsuki no Michi
14. Owari no Nai Tabi ~it's not over yet~

I also lost my whole folder of Heat Up! MP3 rips and I would really like to have them again T__T

ysi works best for me, mu almost doesn't at all. sendspace is alright sometimes.

Can someone please help me retrieve them? D: I really love Subaru's solos and I am really in tears right now because I lost it and have no way of getting it back. i will really be in debt to anyone who helps me with this and you can ask me for anything like a layout or icons or a fic or whatever.
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