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September 2011☆Duet - Maru's Interview Translation

Favorite color: Orange!
Favorite movie: “Funny Games”. It really is a shocking film! 
Favorite manga: There are many but… the shojo manga “Oboreru Knife”, I guess.
Favorite song: Tokyo Jihen-san’s “Kokoro”.
Favorite album: Tokyo Jihen-san’s “Goraku (Variety)” and “Otona (Adult)”.
Favorite season: Fall. Because it’s the easiest time to to see how the seasons change.
Favorite kanji: “隆” [it means “prosperity”]. The first kanji in my name.
Favorite animal: Hyena. I want to see a real one someday!!
Favorite proverb: “Kappa no kawa nagare (A kappa drowning in a river = Even an expert can make mistakes sometimes)”.
Favorite book: “Sleepless Pearl” by Ishida Ira.
Favorite type of a girl: A happy person!! A girl who enjoys her life.
Favorite vehicle: Motorcycle! I bought one recently.
Favorite praising words: “You’re funny!”
Favorite place in Tokyo: Yoyogi Park. Asakusa. I like the friendly atmosphere of the streets in Asakusa.
Favorite place in Kansai: The Togetsukyou Bridge with the view of Arashiayama in Kyoto.
Favorite country: Japan LOVE!
Favorite “mom’s cooking”: Kasujiru (soup with sake lees) and karaage (fried chicken).
Favorite pasta: Pepperoncino. Basically, I like garlic.
Favorite onigiri filling: Plum. Or seaweed.
Favorite ramen: Tonkotsu Gyokai (pork and fish) Seabura (pork back fat) ramen. I like the broth to be thick.
Favorite vegetable: Tomato.
Favorite fruit: Strawberry.
Favorite desert: Mille crepe.
Favorite yakiniku ingredient: Harami (slices of skirt steak), of course! I like eating it with salt rather than with the sauce. I also like moyashi namul (seasoned bean sprouts).
Favorite otsumami (snacks to go with alcohol): Edamame (green soybeans) with taberu rayu (edible chili oil).  
Favorite sport: I want to challenge a full marathon!
Favorite actor/actress: I like the ones who are unique and who are real.
Favorite musician: Tokyo Jihen-san, Mr.Children-san.
Favorite comedian: NON STYLE’s Ishida (Akira)-san.
Favorite event: New Year’s Day.
Favorite drama: “Nemureru Mori”.
Favorite scent: Lemongrass, lavender, sandalwood.
Favorite female hairstyle: Long straight black hair.
Favorite female fashion: Anything that suits her!
Favorite female gesture: When she looks at me with her eyes full of love.
Favorite way to spend a day-off: Getting a massage and doing other body maintenance routines.
Favorite room: Living room.
Favorite thing in your room: ECO electric fan. I just bought it this year.
Favorite thing about Kanjani8: Unconditional LOVE!
Favorite thing about Yokoyama You: How shy he is.
Favorite thing about Murakami Shingo: His smile that gives you a feeling of security.
Favorite thing about Shibutani Subaru: His singing voice. His shouts [during concerts].
Favorite thing about Yasuda Shota: His hairstyle.
Favorite thing about you: I like myself when I’m able to make people smile.
Favorite thing about Nishikido Ryo: His tsundere (a person who is initially cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing their warm side over time) personality.
Favorite thing about Okura Tadayoshi: He would laugh at anything I say.
Favorite TV program: I love the “Kaerema10” corner in “Otameshika!”.
Favorite computer application: A puzzle game that Yasu recommended to me. 
Favorite scenery: The garden in Tenryuji Temple in Kyoto.
Favorite type of a person: I like unusual people.
Favorite time: Being at work.

Picture credit: Sorrentoo
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