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24-Hr Drama Special Now on Pre-order at CDJapan

I haven't seen this posted anywhere yet -

24 Hour Television Special Drama 2011 "Ikiteru Dake de Nankurunaisa" Japanese TV Series.

Stars all 7 members of Kanjani8 in TV special "Ikiteru Dake de Nankurunaisa." It is the first time that all the members appeared together in the same drama. The story is based on an essay by Tamamoto Eisaku depicting his own fight against disease. Shingo Murakami plays the leading role as a young man who battles with multiple serious diseases such as malignant tumor and acute myeloid leukemia. *A part of sales will be donated.

DVD | Released 2011/10/26 | 3800Yen(48.84 USD)
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