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Two One-shots

Title: Silent Hill
Pairing: HinaRyo, hints of Yasuba, important appearances by Maru and Subaru. (Also the other's are there)
Rating: R
romance, bit humour, tiny-tiny bit angst
Hina's heart can hardly understand it... how fast the relationships
around him change. Just around him everything and everyone is the same.
But... is that true? Maru has huge doubts about that and together with
Subaru he decides to get down to Hina's denial.
Written for the [info]kanjani_fanfics Summer Challenge (Hina and Ryo in the Haunted House)
A/N: Thank you for helping me with the title, [info]yukitsubute. We are playing way too much video games right now XD



Title: English Lecture
Pairing: Ryo/Aubree (het)
Rating: NC-17
smut, het.
Warning: sliiiiiiight BDSM (with a bit spanking and ties)
Summary: (The request said to make some sliiiiight BDSM out of it.)
It's all Jin's fault that he hadn't met Aubree (*note* One of Jin's female background dancer) sooner. She is gorgeous after all. And she is not like the girls Ryo normally dates. He approaches her during one of Jin's parties, though she only speaks English. And suddenly, when being with her, Ryo can forget all his shyness and awkwardness.
Written for the JE Anon Kink Meme, dedicated to the anon-requester^^  I hope you will like it! (I'm feeling a bit unsure about this one. I didn't know how slight you wanted the BDSM to be... so I hope it fits your taste *nervous* If not, feel free to tell me and I will change it^^)


Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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