daichi369 (daichi369) wrote in kanjani8,

Searching for Eito fans in Kansai area!!

I am a little lost right now and still recovering from the fact that I didn't win my ballot for k8's concert >"<

Hello~~ As mentioned on the title.. I searching for some Eito fans in the Kansai area >"<
I am an exchange student from Canada and will be spending a year here in Japan :) I would love to meet some JE fans in the Kansai area ToT

I tried to apply for the You & J near 3rd week of Sept.. was a little late for K8's concert balloting but still managed to sent a balloting sheet :( but UGHH I didn't win the ballot >"< so depressing.. I really want to see their concert during my stay here in Japan :(

If any Eito fans here have a spare ticket... I beg for your help T^T If anyone has a spare...can I please buy it off from you!?
I am just looking for a ticket to their Osaka concert near the end of December.. any day is fine >"<

I really don't want to watch the concert alone/ line up for goods alone >"<
I was also wondering does any fans want to go line up for goods together >""< thank you so much T^T
Tags: !: question, concert, requests

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