pop_power (pop_power) wrote in kanjani8,

A desperate plea for help!!

Hi there!

A similar question has already been posted here, but I wanted to ask something abotu the actual application process to You&J as well as something else.

I applied to the club (as in sent the forms off through the post office and paid the right amount) in the 3rd week of September, and was warned that the balloting papers could take around a month to be sent out. Despite that, I've not received anything and I've realised that some people who applied around the same time have already received and sent their papers >.<

Does anyone know anything about the application process that could have slowed it down/have any advice as to what to do if the application was wrong/lost?

Also.... since I've been pretty screwed around with this You&J application process.... I would like to add my name to the long list of people looking for help with tickets/looking for eighters in Japan. I'm in Nagoya at the moment and was hoping to meet with someone to ask these questions, but do not know of many people......

Thank you for your time <3
Tags: !: question, concert, requests

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