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[FanFiction] Our Dear Ryo- Chan (Prologue)

                Ryo is the most loved member of Kanjani8, no one can deny. Everyone cares for him so much that he gets annoyed often. Too much attention, he says he doesn’t need. But what can he do if his friends think he is more fragile than a child? More than half of his life, he has been with them. It seems like they know him more than he knows himself. He’s a child, until now. He tries to act tough and reserved but he’s a crybaby. A sensitive member, he is the actually more than the poison- tongue people thought he was. After all the shows, at the end of the day, he is just Ryo-chan. He is their dear Ryo-chan.
                But one day, they found his toughness overboard and unreasonable. He rejects all the offers he gets, only because he’s trying to be strong himself. And the members, especially Yoko, takes it seriously this time. There was a huge fight. A fight that everyone will regret three days before his birthday.   
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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