liting :D (accusingpixels) wrote in kanjani8,
liting :D

taking requests

Hi guys,
I have been thinking about this for a long time, I really want to translate regularly, but believe it or not, whats stopping me is that i can't find stuff to translate. I don't follow my friend's page regularly so i don't know what kind of scans people post up.
So this is just a trial, but i was thinking, if anyone wants anything (eito related) to be translated you can direct me to the scans and i will translate it for you. 
Of course I won't be able to fulfill everything but i will do what i can. 

Once again, this is just a trial! I don't know how to go about doing this in an organised manner yet so forgive me. 
Just PM me abt the requests. If this works out i might have a master post where people can post requests but for now there's no such thing :D

note: i only do translations, no subs! my japanese is not good enough to translate straight off vids or audios, so its strictly magazines, articles etc.
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