08 November 2011 @ 10:58 pm
Fan Project!  
Hi there eighters! This is a project of Kanjani8 Spain but everyone is welcomed to participate ^^

From Asian Club we will personally take care to leave this Kanjani8 Spain project in the company and we would like that all eighter participe in this.

- Deadline 25 th November

Some time ago we asked the fans to send photos of him with Kanjani8 original things, based on this project we decided to create an album to pick up this spirit and let them to Eitos:

1. Send us a photo of you on your own or with your friends with original things of Kanjani8 (many people as possible!)

2. Send us your message for Eito

3. You can send a fanart, a representative picture of a place in your city and country that you want to Eito's know

4. Always indicate your name / place of origin and if you want your age

PS: You can also send a picture where you see signs that you're a fan of Kanjani8 like banners, kanjani8 poses...

No need to command them all things that were mentioned above, if only you can send a photo or an comment that's really good too.

We know that in some places are making meetings celebrating anniversaries and birthdays of group members and also do contests, would be a nice touch to have any pictures of those events where they can see a good number of eighters together celebrating. Please spread this event! ;)

Att. Staff of Kanjani8 Spain

If you're interested, please leave a comment here :) Let's them know they have fans all over the world!