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Help ?

Hai , this is my 1st time posting in here .. Yorishiku Onegaishimassu ~ :)

So , I would like to ask for some help .. My lappie crashed the other day and after it was fixed , I lost most or my treasure (my download stuff ! *cries* ) including couple of Eito's clips and video ..
I was wondering if anyone can help me with Eito's Neoki's video with eng sub .. I've went to BNS but most of the MF link are dead and I cant download from MU because MU is banned in my country ! (sucks) .. I've reported about the dead link but they havent replied yet so I was wondering if anybody in here can help me ??

It would be great if it's the full part but the cuts part of each Eito Ranger is fine too !

Onegashimassu ! Thanks in advance !! <3
Tags: !: question, subtitles

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