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27th Fukuoka dome Concert ticket

Fortunately I won a pair of ticket for the show this 27th in Fukuoka Yahoo! Dome and posted a sale post in je_sale here
I got a number of order after that but I asked them to wait till I had the tickets in hand. I was intending to exchange for Tokyo Dome ticket. Anyway I managed to get one myself.

The worse is I put all buying request for my spare ticket down after I get confirmed after this post since I found that they are nothing but re-sellers, and kind of trying to make advantages over the exchange offer. They just pissed me off and and I end up ignoring all off those. I dont really care if I need to keep the ticket unused till the end. I rather do that to spend my precious chance with someone I dont know, and dont like. And I dont want to waste my time and  be annoyed finding some buyers  in front of the Dome. I just want to enjoy buying the goods and being ready to see out 7 in 8 ^^.

HOwever, I got a suggest from a nice girl to post an entry here to make sure no one in needed is missing the chance to come to see our boys in Fukuoka. I know it might be a little short before the concert for the ones who's not in Fukuoka or nearby.

For the price, I am thinking of leaving the ticket at 13,000y that what I paid for the ticket in Tokyo Dome. And it is ok to discuss more about it.
If you can make it, and be pleased with the offer, freely contact me. Hope I would find suitable one to spend the day with, here.

This is not really a sale post, I am looking for all your comment, and any recommend too. Also, it would be selfish of me and a waste if I just keep the ticket unused since there is a lot of one who could not make it by all means.

See you all in Fukuoka this Sunday :)
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