erika_nskd (erika_nskd) wrote in kanjani8,

16 december 2012 Tokyo Dome Tickets

I am selling 2 pair of tickets for EightxEighter Tokyo Dome tickets for the 16th of december because I balloted and got 2 sets and hence it overlapped. (': 

I'm selling it for SGD$150 per ticket and am preferably looking for singaporean buyers because I do not want to go through the hassle of overseas postage and stuffs. I already got them sent here from my home in Japan so as long as anyone is able to meet up in Singapore, I would be able to pass them to you asap! 

The seat is
41ゲートスタンド 3塁側 8通路 8列 30と31番

For further inquiries please contact me at


HELLO NOW ALL I NEED IS CONFIRMATION. So whoever who can 100% confirm with me now would be able to get these tickets.(:
( I am in desperate need of confirmation because if i cant sell them here in SG I would have to send the tickets back to japan to my friend asap ) 


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