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Help Philippines Project

I hope it's okay to promote this project here (I didn't find anything specific in the rules about something like that) It's a donation project for the Philippines.

(Originally posted by [info]pautami at Fanfiction and Graphics Auction - Sign Up Post)

[info]help_pilipinas community has been created to help all those affected by the Typhoon Sendong which devastated parts of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City in the southern Philippines on December 16th, 2011.

As fanfiction writers and readers, and graphic artists, we can help make a real difference to the people still suffering in these areas. A post about the devastation can be found here. All donations will be made to the Iligan Bloggers’ Society. Visit their site here for more information

We will be holding an auction on this community from January 1st to January 16th for fanfiction and graphics.

Right now we are looking for writers and artists who are willing to donate words or artwork—all JE fandoms are welcome! If you can help, please let us know the following in your comment:

Fic or art?
Length or type of graphic
Any restrictions? (i.e. ratings, etc.)

Further details on the auction will be coming soon.

Thank you to everyone who is able to help. Any donation that you can make will bring much needed aid to this devastated community. Thank you!

HERE is the link to sign up as a writer for Fics and graphics.
HERE the link to buy Drabbles
(The sign-ups for One-shots and short-chaptered stories and graphics are still running, but will be open soon)

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