liting :D (accusingpixels) wrote in kanjani8,
liting :D

first translations of 2012

Hi guys, i bring translations!!
these are 2 requests i got from lj peeps, and i've done them up best that i can.. 
the first article is a real short one, its actually a NEWS one.. shige tells us 3 secrets of ryo! apparently ryo has fractured his bones more than 20 times in his life. that is so disgusting D:
and then the second article is a serious article. baru and ryo talk separately about what they think make a 'cool guy'. this is my first time translating such a serious piece, its almost an essay i think. its a good read if you're interested in hearing out their serious opinion on things (which i know - not everyone is interested in such stuff).
so, head over here to check it out!
Tags: translation: magazine

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