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Community/Subbing Release Updates January 2012

Sorry for the delay! This month there aren't new communities but here are some subbing updates from o_e_subs :)

*Posts are locked. Follow the directions in red in this post to join.

August-December Eito releases:
0483. 100820 MS - Eito (Minisute)
0485. 100820 MS - Eito (talk + LIFE ~Me no Mae no Mukou e~ + MQ)
0488. 110309 Dasshutsu Game DERO - Hina, Subaru, T&T (cut)
0490. 110909 Tetsuko no Heya - Hina, Subaru, Maru
0491. 111014 MS - Eito (talk)
0492. 111014 MS - Eito (T.W.L. + Monjai Beat)
0493. 111030 Music Lover - Eito (talk)
0497. Eito - FIGHT DVD (LE-A) (Making of Monjai Beat PV + jacket shooting + designing of uniforms)
0498. Eito - FIGHT DVD (LE-B) (Making of Fight for the Eight PV + unit PVs)

Please comment here if you want to share your subbing updates next month and here to advertise your new community.
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