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[fanfic] ~Again

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Title: ~Again
Pairing: RyoxUeda
Rating : pg-13
Disclaimer: I don’t own the Ryo and Yoona, but the story is mine.
Beta: un-beta (who volunter to be beta for me on this fic only??)
Summary: the real meaning of ~Again.. no one undestand except himself.  But there are someone know after heard it
Note: imagine our Tatchan sing '~Again' at concert at Osaka (hoping he did it for real!). play the ~Again as read this fic.
Warning : bad grammar! not in detailed! don't know it will effect on you or not! un-doubled/trippled chek!

“Eh~ are you gonna perform that song in concert??” Junno sat beside Ueda on the couch.

“yup” Ueda stirred the guitar randomly.

“But did you said it’s not suit with your current image. why suddenly?” Ueda shrugged.

“ I just want to perform it for once. Nothing reason” Ueda continued stirred the guitar.

“Osaka fans lucky na~”  Junno stand up.

“ I want to go lunch. Wanna join?” Ueda shakes head. Junno left Ueda alone in room.

Ueda sighed after Junno leave. He put guitar on the table in front of him and leaned onto the couch. His eyes was close.

Ueda don’t know what he did. Is it a good or bad idea to sing that song. The song really mean for him. It was about him after all. Not about heartbroken girl that he mention in his jweb. It’s a lie. An excuse. But Ueda have decide.

He will sing it for once he life.

Sharing the pain with fans.

Scream out of lungs.

Throw all of pain away.

Erase all memories.

Forget all of him.

“Ne minna~ let’s go to Kat-tun concert after this” Ohkura asked to Eito. They were enjoying dinner at some restaurant.

“is it today” Yoko asked.

“yup. And Koki called me early this morning and invited us to come”

“ but it’s 8 p.m now. The concert must have been started” Maru look at his watch.

“who care? Beside we are free right”

“I’m on~” Hina said.

“ore mo” Maru and Yoko said too.

“hai~” Yasu raised hand sign he on it.

“Baru?” Ohkura asked.

“ all of you go so I will”


“I’ve something to do” Ryo stand up.

“where are going?” Hina was asking when Ryo was about to leave them.

“toilet. Wanna join” Hina pouted. Ryo smirked.


“argh~~!  Why i did not follow them?!” Ryo regretted. He was walking randomly because he so bored and didn’t know to go where. Ryo sighed.

“ouch!” Ryo bumped to someone.

“Nishikido-kun” said the boy look like girl.

“ah! Yo girly!” Masami raised his eyebrow.

“what?” Ryo glared. Masami only shakes his head.

“are you alone?” Masami asked.

“did you see anyone with me?”

“I can see you are lonely” Masami smiled.


“join me” Masami pulled Ryo’s hand.

“huh? Where are you bring me?” Ryo tried to free his hand.

“concert Kat-tun” Masami replied. Ryo stopped and let Masami lead him went to concert Kat-tun. He didn’t know why he followed Masami.

Ueda sat  on the chair at downstage. His was so nervous for his solo. He didn’t remember when he become nervous like this.

“calm down Tatsuya. It’s not your first time perform solo.” Tatsuya bite his lips.

“beside you had done concert solo”  Tatsuya whispered calming himself.


Tatsuya looked to the owner that voice.

“it’s your time” Ueda nodded. He stand up and breathed deeper. He took step and straight to where he should stand.

The music was starting as Ueda was riding to the stage from down stage.

With all confident he sing it no matter what!

“Tatsuya” Ryo was whispering. He sat beside Masami and the worst part with Kat-tun fans! He didn’t know how he managed to get in there and there are emptied chair beside Masami. Thankful their place was at the edge not in the middle.

"Ringing in my ears, the sound of his「Goodbye。」from that snowy day
Telling myself to carry on... trying so hard to be strong
Wandering on the road our steps used to tread,
Embracing the fleeting hope that chances would let me see him,

These mails that are never sent, I keep writing, erasing
These feelings that have lost their ways, I turn into tears

What if we could return to where we were that day,
Would your voice reach out to me one more time?
No longer will I cry these selfish tears
So would you take me back into your arms?
Snow begins to fall, as the telephone keeps its silence

“Ne Hime~” Ryo was standing up in front of Ueda and rubbed his hair at the back head.

“Ano~” Ryo so nervous. He put his both hands in his pocket jeans.

Dreaming of his shy voice saying「I love you。」

“what” Ueda asked. He nervous too. Wondering what Ryo wanna say.

“I like you” Ryo took breath and said it.

Refusing to believe how easy it is to break down

There are so many things about you that I hate
When did they all start to become so dear?

Never again will I experience this kind of love
To me you were the whole world
Please, will you smile for me, will you get mad at me? Just once more?
Why couldn't we go back to the beginning of our time?
I would never be able to forget you...

Ueda control his tears. He doesn’t want fans see him crying.

This matching ring you gave me would not slip away from my finger

He continued sing although his already crying in heart.

He sang until end.

What if we could return to where we were that day,
Would your voice reach out to me one more time?
No longer will I cry these selfish tears
So would you take me back into your arms?
Never again will I experience this kind of love
Why couldn't we go back to the beginning of our time?
Already, there is someone else to stay by your side?
Snow begins to fall, as the telephone keeps its silence..


Tatsuya ran straight to the toilet after he done. He couldn’t control his tear as his finished the song. He cried. It was thankful because Kame’s performance after him. So it was long.

‘it’s me?’

“the song about..” Ryo couldn’t said it. He stand up and went straight to the backstage.

“Tatsuya” Ryo whispered as his ran to the backstage looking for Ueda.

Ryo  went the changing room. No Ueda. He went to the Kat-tun’s room. No Ueda. To the bathroom. Still no.

‘where are you Tatsuya?’ Ryo was walking and looked surrounding. He spotted the toilet and went there. He could heard the sniffs. Ryo stand in front the door where Ueda there. He leaned onto the door slowly, make no noise.

“Tatsuya” he whispered enough for him heard.

“I’m sorry” he whispered as closing his eyes.

“I’m sorry”

“I’cant” Ryo left after what he said.

 -- End--

uwahhh~~~!!!! please dun kill me if it's not satiesfies you girls.
i'm really2 bad at this! please give me more times to learn ne~~ ^^ *shoot the best puppy eyes*
translation of ~Again credit to

comments are very appreciate <333






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