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Eito Rangers - The Movie!!

Hi everyone!!

Best news ever!!

picture from chiroru_22@twitter
More newspapers pictures here @bull8er.

The Eito Rangers will have A MOVIE!! According to Sports Houchi, they'll start filming on the 6th and it'll be out on July 28th. You can watch the news clip here.

The plot will involve a legendary hero known as Captain Silver, who will be played by Tachi Hiroshi XD. The director will be Tsutsumi Yukihiko (who's directed BECK, Ikebukuro West Gate Park, Stand Up!! and SPEC, among others). It will take place in the year 2035 and they'll fight terrorists. Apparently each Ranger will have their own side story as well.

Can't wait, and I do hope the boys' dorkiness and ad-libs don't get lost in this adaptation. What a great surprise for their 8th anniversary!! Way to go, Eito! ♥

Bigger picture posted by formaggie4@weibo:

We can see how they've got their uniforms improved!! Also, they're addressed as Reddo Shibutani, Burakku Yokoyama, Nasu Murakami, Buruu Yasuda and Ieroo Nishikido. It can't be seen in the picture, but I guess the others' names will be Orenji Maruyama and Guriin Ohkura? XD

I'll keep updating this post as more information pops up.

Source: Yomiuri, all over twitter and specially @K8Update's and @chipsandchai's translations. :D ♥
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