yep (estemarie) wrote in kanjani8,

His name is Nishikido Ryo (One- Shot)

Title: His name is Nishikido Ryo (One- Shot)
Cast: Nishikido Ryo, Ueda Tatsuya, Kato Shigeaki, Uchi Hiroki, Koyama Keiichiro, Yamashita Tomohisa, Yasuda Shota, Akanishi Jin, Shibutani Subaru, Yokoyama You, Takizawa Hideaki
Rating: PG- 13
Disclaimer: None of the boys are mine, but the story is original
Genre: I don’t know, really.
Summary: Just like a bubble, Nishikido Ryo is a perfect example of iridescence.
A/N: Mostly based from the interviews and all the other things I’ve read and known about Nishikido Ryo. But of course, I had to write something more about those stuff, if you get what I mean.

Honestly? I could do better than that if they want me to.
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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