spilledmilk25 (spilledmilk25) wrote in kanjani8,

Maru&Shige - Girl Friends #1 [Translation]

Hello! ♥
Nice to meet you ^^ I'm here to share the translation of Maru's new serialization on Myojo.
It's called "Girl Friends" and it's a cross-talking between Maru and NEWS Shigeaki Kato, they will talk about their common interests, like movies, music, arts...

Girl Friends #1

In the first number Shige and Maru talk about their friendship, how it began and some private life episodes.
Then they explain, or better, they decide in real time the name for their new job...why "Girl Friends"? Read it to found out!

Enjoy and remember to leave your thoughts about it in the comments! ♪
Tags: translation: magazine

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