Yukari Sato (sotayukari) wrote in kanjani8,
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Winter 2006 Drama Special Making and Kanpani

Hello Eighters!

I'm looking for Kanjani8 Winter 2006 Drama Special Making subbed by BNS. I found the MF folder to download but unfortunately, there were only 3 split files which are .001, .003, .005 and I have no idea where the other files are. So if you guys have that subbed clip, I'll be really grateful if you can share it to me ^^

And I also look for Kanpani ep. 3, 4 version 1280 for mp4. I searched in dozchan but she just has MU links and I don't want to bother her to re-upload them. If you have those episodes and you can share them to me, I will really appreciate your kindness.

Thank you in advance and sorry if I bother you so much ^^
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