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Eight Ranger 7-11 Limited Movie Goods Pre-order

Pre-orders are now open for the goods that 7-11 will be selling in July for the Kanjani8 Eight Ranger movie! If you don't know what I am talking about, check out this post.


(Please note that I am aware of the no sales posting rule of this community. I am posting my pre-order to the community at the request of a mod due to the special and short term nature of the pre-order.)

The following goods can be pre-ordered:
Mini Uchiwa (7 types total, 1 per each K8 member)
Hello Kitty Ranger Mascot/Plushie (7 types total, 1 per each K8 member)
Hello Kitty Ranger Strap (7 types total, 1 per each K8 member)
K8 Ranger Strap
Earphone Plug
Memo Notes
Mini Towel
Hi Chew w/special packaging (2 flavors available, mixed and lemon)
Hi Chew Mixed Flavor pack w/special packaging
Hi Chew Box
Hi Chew with Pin (7 types total, 1 per each K8 member)
Mug (2 types total, see previews on order page)
Lottery Goods set (contains 33 unique goods and 66 goods total)
*there are other food items available, but the above are what I will take pre-orders for

I will take orders for the goods until around 6pm on May 9th.  This is an amazing chance to pre-order the goods before they become available in stores.  Movie goods sold at combinis tend to sell out very quickly and are extremely limited. I have never heard of a combini accepting pre-orders for movie goods before, so this is a very rare opportunity. The shop will only accept orders until the 9th, so please order soon as no additional orders will be accepted once the pre-order closes.


I accept payment via Paypal or Western Union.  If paying by Western Union, you will need to send me your payment confirmation information before the pre-order deadline or I will not be able to accept your order.  If you want to order goods, but will not be able to pay before the deadline, please contact me and we may be able to work something out (for small/personal orders only). If you have any trouble with ordering using the link above, please let me know and I will try to assist you.

 I will either pick up or have 7-11 ship the goods to my address in Japan on July 7th.

There are some goods that are part of a lottery set and cannot be purchased separately. The whole set is very expensive and those who pre-order one will likely take the best items for themselves (as would be expected).  I was wondering if anyone is interested in having me run an actual lottery of the goods, like they would do at the store?  There would be a total of 66 tickets for the lottery and I would sell each for 600yen per ticket. If you would be interested, please let me know!  If there is enough interest, I will pre-order one of the sets.

I will be doing the lottery for those of you who want a chance at the lottery goods but who cannot afford to buy the whole set.  I will have to work out how to sell the tickets once I am done dealing the orders for the non-lottery goods. I'll update with more info later!

I am really, really sorry, but I was not able to place the order for goods tonight. I tried, but was told that they closed the order period early due to the large number of orders received when I arrived. This goes against what I was told when I placed my first order on the 6th and also what I was told when I called on the 8th, which was that there was no limit and that I could place an order on the evening of the 9th with no problem.  The guy who told me this was at the store when I tried to order and his manager made him apologize for giving me incorrect information, but that doesn't really help me get goods for those who ordered.

I did order extra when I placed my first order for goods on Sunday. I will offer the extra to people on a first ordered, first served basis but will only be able to fill a few with the extra. The majority of orders will need to be canceled and refunded. I will be in contact over the next day or two to send out refunds. Also, there is a chance I can pruchase more goods once they go on sale in stores. If I am able to buy additional goods in-store I will offer them, once again, on a first ordered, first served basis. However, I suspect few if any stores near me will have the goods as I live in a rural area.

This also means that I will not be able to hold a lottery for the lottery goods.  However, it seems like quite a few people will have left over goods from the sets they have already ordered so there should still be a chance to get at least some items that were part of the set (and, if I can find a store near me doing the lottery, I would be happy to try the lottery on your behalf....or, see if I can find one of the lotteries before anyone buys any tickets and buy all of them myself).

I have finished sending out emails to those whose orders I had to cancel and refund as well as to those whose orders I can partially fill. If you did not get an email from me (sent to the email used during check out) I will be able to fill your order.

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