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"Ai Deshita." details and pre-order links are out!

On yesterday's Recomen, Yoko and Hina talked a bit about the "Ai Deshita" single. And just a while ago Teichiku's page was updated with all the details!

AI DESHITA. (Limited)

01. 愛でした。(Ai Deshita.)
02. 乱れ咲けロマンス (Midare Sake Romance)
[DVD] Ai Deshita PV + Making Of

AI DESHITA. (Regular)
* First Press: Eight Sound Sticker

01. 愛でした。(Ai Deshita.)
02. 乱れ咲けロマンス (Midare Sake Romance)
03. Merry Go Round
04. ルラリラ (Rurarira)
05. 愛でした。(Ai Deshita.) (Original Karaoke)
06. 乱れ咲けロマンス (Midare Sake Romance) (Original Karaoke)
07. Merry Go Round (Original Karaoke)
08. ルラリラ (Rurarira) (Original Karaoke)

Apparently both versions will come with a ticket. Combining the numbers you get with "Ai Deshita" and the numbers that will come in the next single release, you'll get a "secret prize". There isn't any information about it for now; Yoko and Hina themselves said they have no clue what the tickets are for, haha. At least it's confirmed we'll have another single this year! :)

Source: Teichiku.

Pre-order links:

Amazon: LE | RE
CD Japan: LE | RE
YesAsia: LE | RE

A big "thank you" to everyone who pointed out links! :)
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