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Kanfuu Fighting in FLAC :D!

I think this is like my second post here, haha. So I bring all you lossless lovers some lossless Kanjani 8D

This is the LIMITED EDITION version. So it's got Kanfuu Fighting, Propeller, and Kanfuu Fighting karaoke! I ripped it off the Subaru version if you care to know 8D

Links will last 7days/100 downloads as they are on YSI. File names/titles are in original Japanese. All files are FLAC. So make sure you have the proper thingies installed to play them! Enjoy 8D

1. Kanfuu Fighting
2. Propeller
3. Kanfuu Fighting (Original Karaoke)

It'd be nice if you commented. I wanna know how many people here will actually download FLAC files, so I can rip and upload more as I get them <3

edit - Okay maybe this makes me a geek since I use FLAC files, haha. 8D;;

You can download the plugin/codec everything here at the FLAC project website. If you use winamp, you can download the plugin to play FLAC files here. (But apparently FLAC support comes with Winamp v5.31 and above.)

Nabbed this from a music download page as well: "FLAC - FLAC is a "lossless" compression, which means that the source audio file is compressed, but without sacrificing any of the audio information contained in the master recording. An extracted FLAC file sounds identical to the original source (44.1 kHz, 16 bit stereo). The high fidelity FLAC files are much larger files than MP3, will take longer to download, and require more disc space to store."

More information on FLAC audio files can be found at the wikipedia page.

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