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Spread the K8 love è_é

There's a tradition for Xmas here in Rome. Every year, they set up a huge Xmas tree (this year it's just a red wood sculpture of a tree, but anyways) and people stick their messages to it. Italian or stranger people, letters to Santa from little children, people expressing their wishes, and all this kind of stuff. There were funny, silly or also moving messages.

Anyway, this year me and 3 friends of mine decided to stick our own message to it. And since we were doing it, why not make it BIG? XD

We made a big sign about Kanjani8! ^o^ It took us longer than one hour to complete it (in the station's café lol XD)
Here's the translation of what we wrote: "Dear Santa Claus, these are Kanjani8. You can find them in Osaka. Please bring to us: Shibutani Subaru for Kura, Nishikido Ryo for Sakura, Ookura Tadayoshi for Alice, Maruyama Ryuhei for Mel. If you have spare room in your sack, get all of them for us! Thank you ♥"

There were a couple of other Jpop/Jrock related messages, but COME ON OUR MESSAGE IS THE COOLEST. It's also very very big *_________* I just hope nobody writes on it... è_____é/
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