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A Little Help Onegai ~

Hello Eighters!!!!
Who's excited for the Eito Ranger Movie??? I know I am XD
But anyway to my point ... I've finally watched the Ai Deshita Making Of and have fallen in love with Eito even more <3
I was wondering if there are any shop photos available for this absolutely positively adorable PV???? (I haven't seen any scans floating around yet - or maybe I'm just not looking hard enough :( )
If so, does anyone know how much each set costs??? (Japanese Yen is fine it doesn't have to be converted to Aussie dollars or anything) and how many photos come in each set???
I really wanna buy Yoko+Ryo+Tacchon (my favourite trio ne!!!) photo sets but I'm a little on the broke side so if anyone knows the answer to this and could let me know I'll be eternally grateful.

Thank you in advance ne ~~~
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