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Kanjani8’s “EIGHT RANGER” Record Breaking Sales for a Movie Character

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Kanjani8’s movie characters “EIGHT RANGER”, who debuted as recording artists with “ER”, was able to top Oricon’s weekly ranking with 331,000 sales. This makes them first in single sales as “movie characters”.

EIGHT RANGER was able to beat fictional band LANDS from the movie BANDAGE starring Jin Akanishi who sold 211,000 records last Nov 2009. Furthermore, Kanjani8 might outperform their highest record selling to date, which is “Musekinin Hero” that sold 348,000 last Oct 2008.

EIGHT RANGER was released as Kanjani8’s 8 years anniversary celebration; moreover, the group will be having “Fan Gratitude CD Special Free Event" at their hometown in Kyocera Dome, Osaka. This will be followed by a Matsuri Festival and Stadium Tour.

So far, here is the top 3 ranking for “Movie Character” Single Sales

1) EIGHT RANGER “ER” – 331,000
2) LANDS “BANDAGE” – 211,000 (Nov.2009)
3) Toraji-Haiji (starring KinKi Kids) “Fantastipo” – 202,000 (Jan.2001)

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