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Aoppana sales report...


Official first week sales: 208,039 copies

In the singles chart, popular Johnny's group from Kansai, Kanjani∞ reached the top spot with their 8th anniversary's 3rd single, "Aoppana." This is their 3rd consecutive single this year to have surpassed the 200k mark. Including the debut single released as movie characters 'Eight Ranger', "ER" (July this year), this is their 9th consecutive no.1 single (out of 17 no.1 singles overall). since their debut single, "Naniwa Iroha Bushi" (Kansai-only release in August 2004), it may be the first time for the group to reach 10 consecutive no.1 singles. The title track is the theme song to the TV Asahi drama, "Boys on the Run" starring member Maruyama Ryuhei (28).

Other updates:

- ER sold 1,880 copies this week, for a total of 370,633 copies so far. It's now at 11th in the yearly chart.
- Ai deshita
sold 331 copies this week, for a total of 320,016 copies so far. It's now at 14th in the yearly chart.
- Aoppana entered the yearly chart at 24th.
- FIGHT album is still charting 10 months after its release, sold 422 copies this week, for a total of 
311,443 copies so far.

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Congrats, Eito and Eighters! XD
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