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Yasu & Baru's birthday interviews

Hello people!!
How about some interviews, eh? I posted the interview on his birthday, but I couldn't post it here D:
This time I have quite long ones waiting for you~ Yasu's is 4 years old, but still very enjoyable :D I mean, Eito shine the most during lives, right? Well guess what, this interview is about CONCERTSSSS!!!
Get to know more about Eitooo~ 8D

Happy Birthday, Yassan! OwO

On the other hand, the one for Subaru is completely about him. I translated his serial project "Shibutani Subaru's brain" in Wink Up. A special of this project was printed in the September issue.
I loved it a lot. Please enjoy reading about his truly honest feelings throughout the years in the dumps to what he reached now.

Happy Birthday, Shubabu! : ))

Enjoy and have a great day : )
I'm off to Japanese class xD
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