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Fanart : Tattoo

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share with you my latest tattoo (got it finished yesterday).

Right now it is still fairly swollen and bruised. The red shadow in the back will fade once it heals and will be more like a pink shadow (as seen at the top of my arm)


This was 4 years in progress from the design to now.
I have been an Eighter for 6 years now and I thought what better way to celebrate their 8 anniversary then by getting a
not really how it came about but it all coincided.

The story behind my tattoo is as followed. 13 years ago I lost my father from an accident. It was very hard on me and I fell into depression (to the point of being suicidal) luckily, I got help from my mother and some little pills. After being 7 years on medications, my doctors though it was time for me to get off my meds. I was terrified to fall back in depression. Around the same time, I found Kanjani8. and they became my "happy pill" They helped me face reality at a time when I didn't think I could do it on my own. But with their music and their silly banters, I was able to go through each day with a smile. If things started to get dark for me, I would watch Janiben and things would be good again.

4 years ago, I was lucky to go to Japan and see them live. I was 19th row and when came the time for Misetekure (my favorit song btw) Subaru was standing infront of me and when he sang "sono te wo hanasaide" he extended his hand toward me (or at least that's how I felt) and I cried. I cried the rest of the concert because my idols that had helped me get through my recovery, were standing there in front of me. I then decided to stay in Japan for 18 more months and was able to see them again and again as a group or as solo artists. I was truly bless. Now it's been 3 years since I have been back from Japan, and I miss them enormally. But going to Japan has helped me "found myself", I became more responsible, more confident and most of all happier then ever. I take that experience as being the best thing that has happened to me in the last 13 years.

I got to celebrate my 28th birthday at the same time as their 8th anniversary....10 years to the day of when I got my 1st tattoo commemorating my father's passing away.

So i decided to get a part of the lyrics of Misetekure to remind me that "even when the time gets bad, just don't ever let go" along with 8 sakura blossoms to represent Eito and the new beginning. As well as the mugendai also to represent Eito but how everything in life is connected and the kanji Body and heart (as mentioned in the first chorus of misetekure) to also represent that you need your heart and your body to be connected at all time. Now I know that everytime things may start to be bad again, I have it as a reminder of how happy I was at that point and how by not giving up things will be ok.

The writing is actually the hand writting of my japanese friend's grandfather. He was very proud and overwhelmed to see his hand writting forever inked on my skin ahahah

P.S it is to be read from right to left, up to down.
P.P.S I'm actually pretty nervous to be posting this here..... :-/

EDIT: Thank you everyone for the kind words! I'm Proud to be an Eighter and we all should be!
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