stringless_kite (stringless_kite) wrote in kanjani8,

ER @ the Australian Japanese Film Festival

I'm not sure if there are many Australian eighters out there, but just giving the heads up if any of you are living in Sydney or Melbourne, that ER will be aired at this year's Australia's Japanese Film Festival.

Sydney: 24th of November, 2012
Melbourne: 9th of December, 2012

Click here to find out more if you're interested & to book yourselves some tickets.

What's awesome is that they genre`d them as 'laugh out loud', which suits them. What kind of annoyed me was that the silver ranger was chosen as the main screencap for the movie (on the site), but that's just me being biased. Nevertheless, it'll be exciting seeing them on the big screen ;)

If you're @ the Melbourne viewing, look forward to seeing you there!

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