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27 December 2006 @ 07:34 pm
Title : Hana-fuda Chapter 2
Author :  ashkt / ashesof_hope 
Genre : Crime, violence, gang-related and drama
Rating : PG-15 for bad language and violence
Pairing : Ryo x Uchi though Ohkura and Shingo are side characters
Summary : Ryo embarks on the route of no return as he sheds his old identity and becomes a criminal. He gets the attention of Uchi Hiroki, the shateigashira of the Shibutani-kai who controls that region in Tokyo. (in plain English, Uchi is the mafia boss who controls the two wards in Tokyo in which Ryo is intent of wrecking havoc in)
A/N : Oh hayy, I'm having so much fun with Ryo on a killing spree. Ryo should always be psycho, it's so easy to write him like that. And Uchi being an intelligent mafia boss with Ohkura as his henchman...XDD Comments are love, if not me will feel very emo, considering the time I spent reading yakuza-related stuff D:

An icy finger whispered down Ohkura’s spine when he watched the faint ghost of a smile on Uchi’s face, the smile that didn’t reach the maelstrom of his eyes.
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