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Unrecognized chibi Subaru trans

How's everyone doing? :D I'm doing slooowww xD
Anyways, sonashk asked me to translate this cute page she found on tumblr, so I gave it a shot! If anyone knows where this is from, I'd definitely like to know ;D
Also, the quality was pretty horrible making all the kanji just a blur, I wasn't able to make out some parts of it :/
But here are the parts I did translate! :D


Takizawa Hideaki
This guy can’t go to the bathroom alone. He’d definitely bring someone else together saying “hey, let’s go to the bathroom.” Moreover, the guy called Subaru is too clingy; he always follows others around. Ah, but he doesn’t cling to me. Even if he did, I’d kick him off (laughs).
Can’t go to the bathroom alone? Am clingy? As if that’s true! It was only by chance! You make me look like I’m pretty lonely. But he starts calling me immediately when HE gets slightly lonely! Well, whatever said, that old man just loves me (laughs).

Ninomiya Kazunari
We’ve acted together in a drama, but never really hanged out in private. A while ago I received an email from Subaru saying “How are you doing?” I wrote a reply, but only then noticed that I don’t have his contact information (laughs).
We’ve hanged out enough together during the drama filming, so we never did anything in private. But we are the “dangerous combination” together with Nino. He’s a person you don’t need to be over-conscious about - you can be together for two days not saying a word and it feels completely normal. Even though, I didn’t tell you my email address..?

Matsumoto Jun
His rises and falls of tension are pretty violent. When we meet in work he talks a lot when he talks, and is absolutely quiet at times too. We used to hang out a lot more before, but these days both of us are pretty busy, so. But if there’s a chance, at least let’s go out shopping together.
My tension swings are violent indeed. I get very noisy when it’s high and not say a word when the tension’s low. I can’t even control this myself. Please forgive me! We did go out shopping a lot together with MatsuJun, especially to old clothes’ shops. Let’s definitely go again!

Aiba Masaki
We only eat together in NHK cafeteria now, right? Although we used to spend time together a lot in the past – going for yakiniku, shopping or karaoke. But nothing at all now, though. Ah, please tell Subaru this “What are you doing recently? Call me some time.”
We sure did hang out with Kappe (Aiba’s nickname) a lot. Although when he became a member of Arashi and got all busy, I haven’t contacted him once. But don’t worry, I will call you! I want to go shopping or go for food together, also, I’d like to come over to Kappe’s place.

Yokoyama Yu
Subaru’s a person without outer and inner faces; a person who doesn’t try to act as someone else. So he easily farts in front of people as if it was nothing! He’s an impolite dude, isn’t he? Although I do it too (laughs). But he really doesn’t care about manners!
HEY!! Don’t you go exposing such stupid things! Although this is true. But not everywhere (laughs). I never thought about it as embarrassing. I don’t really mind even if there’s staff nearby. And Yoko with Hina always laugh, so it makes me want to do it for the laughs even more.

Imai Tsubasa
Just a while ago we watched Jr.s’ dome concert in Takizawa’s place by the three of us. And during the scene where I and Takizawa went down the slopes Subaru got so moved he cried. And a while ago we borrowed videos from each other and I gave him the one with Neptune. Give it back already!
More likely you were crying way before I did! (laughs) But I did really cry. When we watched it, I remembered all the emotions of that time~. Although Tackey was thrown back “What is wrong with you two!?” (laughs) I definitely borrowed your Neptune video, but will you give me back my owarai video!?
* Neptune is a comedian trio, probably known by everyone because of Nep League and Shabekuri 007 at least.

Murakami Shingo
I’ve been together with Subaru for almost forever… Many things happened. There was a time once when I borrowed Subaru’s shampoo and because I left that bottle covered in bubbles, he seriously enraged. Don’t get angry over some bubbles on a bottle!
This was around middle school. Hina asked if he could borrow my shampoo and I let him if he put it back in the same place later on. But he had left it covered in bubbles in the bath. I got really angry and had a serious fight. We didn’t speak for about two days. When I think about it now, it seems so stupid (laughs).

Hope you had fun xD I know the grammar is pretty crappy, but please bare with me xD;;;;;;
Also, sorry about not being able to translate all of it :////
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