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Title : Hana-fuda Chapter 3
Author : ashkt  / ashesof_hope 
Pairing : Ryo x Uchi (K8 members appear sometimes as side characters)
Genre : Violence and angst and emotional bs
Rating : PG-15 for violence
Summary : Shibutani-kai finally catches Ryo and Ryo & Uchi set eyes on each other for the first time. Both of them were unprepared for the tumult of emotions the other will stir in him.
A/N : Ok...this chap delved so deeply into Ryo & Uchi's mind, I'm dead drained.....I dunnoe. I'm hoping u guys see the softness Uchi is capable of, the last thing I want is for pple to see him as a cold-blooded monster because he is not. Ok omments are most appreciated considering how much time & effort I spent into writing this chap....Man I am tired....XDD And No, I don't like seeing poor Ryo being beaten up T__T

What happens when your allegiance and your heart no longer stand on the same side of the line? What do you choose?
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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