SUN'S SCENT (yukataiyou) wrote in kanjani8,

(CLOSED) Marketing Task's Survey

This survey is closed!
Thank you for your participation.. m(_ _)m
Thank you for your kindness and time..
If possible, we will post the result in a month or so.

Hello Eighter :)
I hope I'm allowed to post this..
I'm taking Marketing subject in my university.
The lecturer gave us a group task to do a research about business market.
We (me and makanayammati) chose to do a research in entertainment business market.
And Johnny's is a perfect research target. Don't you think so too?
We love Johnny's, so we'll be having fun doing this task while we can still proceed enjoying our dearly beloved idol ^ ^

We would be happy if you can help us by filling our survey.

Please fill in the survey here.

Thank you for your time and kindness \0/
Tags: !: question, polls, requests

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