stringless_kite (stringless_kite) wrote in kanjani8,

Out of Amusement...

So, I was stumbling across this site about how some people say Osaka is the worst place to live in (Whatever). It's a pretty negative post about Osaka, but I still love Osaka nonetheless and the comments defending the place ^^

Anyway, here's what I read in one of the comments that made me laugh sooo MUCH!!

That's not typical though. Most neighborhoods are pretty good. Nipponbashi is pretty okay. A fare amoutn of homeless people are around. Nothing like what I saw at the subways in Tokyo though.(You know when the stations are closed) that was an insane amount of homeless. There are homeless self made buildings around in Osaka though. Most of them won't bother you. One guy bothered me in Umeda.. I think it was. Kept saying "Pan!" Since he was yelling one word at me it was really a confusing day.

The underlined the part that had me cracking.

Doesn't it remind you of someone? LOLLLLL

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