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New album and live tour announced!

Hi everyone!

The boys have finally announced a new album release, and a new tour is also coming up! It was about time!


(newspaper picture by bull8er)

The new album is called JUKE BOX and will be out on October 16th. It'll come in 3 versions:

  • LE A: 15 songs CD + Members talking about their current mental state DVD + photobook

  • LE B: 15 songs CD + Lead song "Takoyaki In My Heart" PV DVD + photobook

  • RE: 15 songs + 2 split battle unit songs, Samurai Soldiers vs. Legendary Hunters + 1 group song written/composed by Yasu.

"Current mental state"? "Takoyaki In My Heart"? I thought we'd already seen everything... XD

The group will be splitting in two units (3/4), but we won't know who's with who until the album goes on sale - they'll announce the members on Teichiku's website. Each unit will think about their own performance, which apparently will be unique at each concert, and it'll work like a "battle": the fans will be able to vote for their favorite by using a slip that comes with the albums. By doing this, K8 hopes that their lives will become more interactive with the fans. The results will be announced at the final Osaka concert in January, and the losing unit will suffer a batsu game, that shall be realized after the tour is over (I'm already hoping to get nice footage of this on the tour DVD, haha). This will be pretty interesting to follow!

The tour still doesn't have a name, but they'll perform at the 5 big domes again, just like in 2011. The schedule is kind of weird though:

  • 2013.11.08-10: Tokyo

  • 2013.12.14: Sapporo

  • 2013.12.21-23: Nagoya

  • 2014.01.01-02: Fukuoka

  • 2014.01.17-19: Osaka

Which means they're not doing a Countdown concert, at least not for now! Who knows what they'll announce for New Year's Eve, *if* they're going to do anything. Good luck to everyone who's balloting - I hope you hit for your desired days! :)

It seems the fanclub members have received the oficial e-mail about the album and tour this morning, but there's nothing on Jnet or Teichiku yet. I shall update again when the pre-order links come out! :) The covers will probably still take a while, but I'm already curious about the design! (And they'd better have pretty packages and booklets because this time they're making me buy all three versions, lol).

Sources: all over twitter but mainly @info_kanjani8 and translations by @OtakuHasPie and dragon-fat@tumblr.
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