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[Request] BJ mp3 or audio rip from live performance

Hello minna-san!

I fell in love with BJ song after watching the live performance Eito held at Shounen Club Premium (2010.06.18)... I'll spare you my whole flailing XD
Unfortunately, I have no mp3 of that song, except for the version Eito sang at 8EST concert ♥.
Hence my request (two request, to be honest): could anyone please upload BJ's Wahaha RE Single version for me or ripping the audio from that awesome performance in 2010... or anything related, if you think it's well worth it?
The perf I'm talking about is available at onlyeitofiles community, I'll link it if necessary.
I love that song, they are gorgeous T____T

Thanks in advance for helping *___________*!

-- EDIT: solved! Thanks a lot to everyone who gently helped <3<3<3  --
Tags: music: mp3s, music: performance, requests

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