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[Question] To all subtitlers out there:

What would be an easy, fool-proof (free) software I can use for timing/subtitling?

I've translated the episode of The Covers (NHK) with Subaru for someone. I'm hoping to share it as subs.
(There was talk about his lifestyle, approach to singing, and his reputation among bar-hostesses  XD among other things.)
However, I have zero timing experience, and would like to know the quickest easiest way to create soft-subs.
Any suggestions? (Not that I'd say no to any takers for the timing job :3)

If you're wondering about the show:
It's a new program on NHK featuring an artist per week. Subaru's the 2nd guest :3. (Saito Kazuyoshi was the first).
It consists of a talk session where they loosely interview the artist. In between the artist performs covers of old songs.
Subaru did such a beautiful job with all the songs. I also really loved the songs he covered in and of themselves (so lyrics included).

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