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[Birthday project] see, no, de... PAAAN!

paan english
[ UPDATE: Deadline changed ]
Yyyyyyyyyyyyyeah, I know I didn't finish the fanvideo for the Eito's 9th anniversary -w-'
I guess I will publish it on Christmas xD It will be a pretty present...
Anyway~ Today we are here to celebrate Maru's birthday in advance.
The idea is to take a photo, to make a fan art about his "PAA~~AAAN!!"
Those pictures will be published on the closed group and Facebook's Fanpage of Kanjani8 en la Argentina.
You have time until the November 30th (Japan time) (the pictures will start to be published on November 26th).
Though on the promotional picture I wrote you can send the picture via mail, you can send it to me via DM, it's the same ^__^

I hope many eighters can join this project, and as it's something easy, maybe I'll do the same with all the members ;) sorry, Ryo-chan but I was kyaaaaing on your birthday thanks to your fans' posts on tumblr -w-'

If you can spread the project all around the web, it will be great PS: Sorry for my awful english~ m(_ _)m
Thank you so much in advance ^o^

PS: Remember to write on the picture your name or nickname and your country to know where are you from ^^

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