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Cosplay: EightRangers landing in Italy

Dear all... YES ^_^

posta mistabutt3butt1kicking Bluevolo1

A bunch of freakingly crazy italian Eito fangirls (me included) did have this mad idea of portraying Eito Rangers!
The location was Lucca, hosting the biggest comicon you can find in Italy.
The day was last 2 november, but when the afternoon sank into the evening, we knew that in the meanwhile in Japan another important day was approaching, so we also celebrated Ryochan's birthday all together ^O^
You'll find the report and the whole picture gallery @ my LJ
Please have fun, because we HAD, we really had ^O^

A quick note: Orenji unfortunately was missing that day, but his suit is ready! We're planning another meeting for taking other photos, so please stay tuned, because more will come ;)
Tags: fanwork: other, k8 fans, other

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