lalois (lalois) wrote in kanjani8,

[Request] 2008 Tour photo-shoot whole set scans

Hello, Minna ^_^!
I'm looking for some random pics I would like to have as a whole set (meaning: with all Eito), and possibly from average to high quality if available anywhere... The problem is I don't know exactly when they were taken and where I can find them :(


There seems to be a double photo-shoot (standard colours and greyscale one), and some (see Maru and Tacchon) also have a shop-photo version, but the style is the same for all so... were they made at the same time/same purpose?
Also, judging from the mark of Ryo and Ohkura's ones, it looks like these shoots were made for the 2008 Tour, still even with appropriate tags I cannot find them anywhere.
And, needless to say, they are GORGEOUS and I want need them ç.ç
Can someone please help me?

A HUGE thanks in advance!
(also, sorry for the very bad collage of these pics XD)
Tags: requests, scans

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