lalois (lalois) wrote in kanjani8,

[Fanart] Diva & Drums - Ohkura's 29th birthday

Hello, minna ^O^
16th May is finally here!
I made a couple of fanart to celebrate Tatsu's birthday!

tatsu preview
Click on both pictures to get the bigger version, and feel free to take! I hope you'll like them ^__^

A fanart meant to be for LAST Tacchon's Bday... 'adjusted' XD (1000 x 600 px)
tuentieito tacchon day col 1000x600
A brand new fanart inspired by a Tatsu's Jukebox outfit (1065 x 1000 px)
tatsudrum colorato 1065x 1000
Please credit if you wanna repost or re-use the fanart, and comments are always loved ^_^
Tags: fanwork: fanart

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