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[FIC] Tell me Diva about a brave Ryo and his anger ~ one-shot (TORN)

Title: Tell me Diva about a brave Ryo and his anger
The actual Italian title was “Cantami o Diva dell’impavido Ryo l’ira funesta” which is a pun combining the very beginning of Iliade with Ohkura (the Diva) and Ryo (the brave one)
Author: lalois
Fandom: Kanjani8
Characters: RyOhkura or TORN
Rating: PG13 (Ryo’s sort of bad language). Sex-safe, but mentioned (well of course, we're talking about TORN ^^)
Length: one-shot
Words: 1843
Genre: romantic, comedy, fluff
Disclaimer: characters not mine, unfortunately, but I secretly (?) hope they belong to each other.
Summary: the prompt came when I read Ohkura’s 80th bowl. He wrote it while keeping his 2012 Kurasumasu nikki, and found it way too amusing/intriguing to let it go without a little cute story to make fun of my beloved TORN couple :3

He had hissed those words during their break at the rehearsals for Janiben's :
- Why did you write on your j-web that we had sex before the Best Artist?

NOTE: Un-betaed, for english is not my mothertongue.
REQUEST: Should anyone be interested in BETA-ing my fics, just let me know, I would be so happy and forever grateful ^__^
my post is currently public, but will be locked (as my whole LJ, unfortunately) in a while due to personal reasons, but you just need to add me to see all (previous, also) contents, and feel free to browse around, I'll add you back for sure ^^
Please enjoy :)
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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