a song 4 u (lilyhong) wrote in kanjani8,
a song 4 u

Okan skit

Tittle : Okan Skit
Author : lilyhong
Rating : strickly NC-17 for lesbian affair and smex . Just kidding XD . PG for sure
Genre : Crack
Fandom : crossdressing Kanjani 8
Pairing : RyokoxHiroko
Disclame : I own no one except Hiroko . She's cute and awesome . And she's a Oosaka-jin (Yes , paaaaan    , I'm talking about you *is shot* )
Notes : I need some crark fic to cheer me up . Hiroki won't appear in TV or magazine next month T_T . There's a light earthquake in Japan and you know why ( Uchi's fangirls are piss off )
This fic is for applesncrack   because she blow my mind away with the scandalous Okan lesbian affair . Full of grammar mistake ? Blame on applesncrack     for making me write this at midnight .
Summary : Hiroko is back in Oosaka . Everyone are happy - except Ryoko , she's extremely happy .

" I'm back , Hiroko said happily "

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