mikinyan (mikinyan) wrote in kanjani8,

Where to find a Kanjanism con pre-order?

I don't know if I can post this here, if not, mods can delete it.
I was searching webpages where I can to order something from this year's concert, but all pages only accept Pay-pal. I haven't a credit card and all the people I know, never takes me their number, so, it's a no Pay-pal.
I could pay the uchiwa that I want via Western union.
Honestly I ocassionally fall in love with goods (that's what happened with the Coinbox but it was quiiiiiiite expensive to get it).
If anyone finds or knows someone who could accept the pay via Western union, that will be great :) (and even better if he/ she will attend to the Osaka dome performance :P)

Thank you very much in advance m(______)m
Tags: !: question, concert

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