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JCD (Johnny's Countdown)

I just watched this year’s JCD subbed!

Okura is so beautiful in that blonde hair ;A; And when he sings with the guy from …idk what group, he was sooo cuteee and beautiful.

So I am wondering if there is any Johnny’s countdown links that are subbed? ;A;

Thank you… I’m always asking for help here.. ((

Although I want Kanjani to just appear all sexy and hot for once… to show their cool side to other Johnnys, like they should sing Misetekure on the countdown, imagine Baru shouting Misetekure on start of the year <3 <3

or LIFE- I wanna see them play instruments in front of other’s johnnys and have them be awed… Recognize these dorks more please!!

But their leopard printed-clothes are cool as well <3 <3 Yoko looks like a baby. As always. XD Well, I would be satisfied with this. I love K8 no matter what happen.
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