kazu_chan_love (kazu_chan_love) wrote in kanjani8,

[request] fic reco?

Well this might be unusual, i wonder if this is even allowed but ive been looking for a Yokohina fic for weeks now and I cant find so I am asking for everyone's help.

I cant remember the whole fic so it might really be hard to find but yeah it is a yokohina fic. What i remember was yoko and hina's relationship wasnt really clear, they are doing stuffs that lovers do but they arent really in a relationship but yoko loves hina so when hina started dating erika toda, yoko got depressed. The thing that i remember the most about this fic was the last part, i think it was Yasu who showed yoko the newspaper where rumors about hina and erika breaking up was written. Yoko immediately went to hina's place where things happened and i think yoko even begs hina to be his again but it was also yoko who realized that hina doesnt love him or something like that and he walked away. It ended like that and oh it was 2 part fic.

Also who has a yokohina fic reco? if you know any angsty yokohina fic with or without a happy ending but as much as possible no character deaths please comment it too... I love reading fics..:D
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