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Lyrics translation Takahashi Yu "Beautiful"

Hi all!

Before you kick my ass and say that this is not Takahashi Yu's group, please listen to my explanation ya! XD;;

I listened to Ohkura & Takahashi-kun's radio last week (19.11.2016) and Ohkura introduced his favourite song from Takahashi-kun's latest album Kishikata Yukusue. This song was made out of Yu-kun's conversation with Ohkura and it was so completely about Ohkura (and Yu-kun admitted that it was about him) that I can't help wanting to translate this awesome song, a gift from Yu-kun to Ohkura. Ohkura even made Yu-kun sang this song live in last week radio! XD The song is as below and the rough translation (as in not 100% correct but the point is there) is after the cut:

You are probably gonna say "You're worrying (about me) unescessarily"
But it was really actually because you look so worn out
And you say "Why don't we go and search for delicious food?"
And you end up listening to my selfishness
You laugh and you say that it's nothing
And your laughter was so well done and so natural looking
That most people wont noticed that they are being deceived
It's a wall (that keeps people away) that fits your personality

It's not like I'm trying to break down that wall
I'm not trying to put myself in your shoes
I just want you to know that you're not alone, yes, you're not alone
I just want to make you laugh a little bit more


Your foot path that strech straight
I want to catch up and be closer
So that besides your footstep there'd be another set of footstep
Look back and see that you are no longer alone
Eventually you will happily get to see that
The person beside you, in front of you and behind you
Are protecting you with a smile
And among those people, I am here too

**Had it been lonely? Had it been painful?
How long have you been worrying alone?
It is amazing that you have come this far
I just want you to trust one thing that is
You are beautiful

Trying to convey what in your mind at that exact moment
There are too many words that you could't reach your point
It's not like you say it with the intend to hurt
But sometimes you end up looking like the bad person anyway
When you are suffering, you skillfully cover it with your laughter
But you listen to my painful stories intently
And as if you experience it yourself, you cry
And we end up unescessarily worrying for each other

We can't live with beautiful things only
Surely from now on there will be more worries
But you are not alone, yes you are not alone
Let me hear that voice of yours a little bit more

Your happiness when you managed to do something well
Your excitement of experiencing something for the first time
Your fear when you heard the thunder
Listening to your voice as it is
Looking at you(r picture) when you were a child
And looking at you who is living in the present
What is your face conveying? How to say it?
Are you forcing yourself to laugh?

I have always known that you are a gentle person
That is why you'd most probably get hurt
It was amazing that you have come this far
I just want you to trust in one thing that is
You are beautiful

*C/O & **

I couldn't translate a way that give justice to this song and managed to translate it only because Yu-kun wrote in a very simple words but nonetheless beautiful (my Japanese is only so-so).

But not only wanting to share Yu-kun's view of his friend Ohkura (and of his view of the rest of eito members that are 'protective', lol), I think anyway who is going through hard times now would feel deeply connected to the message conveyed by this song too. If you have friends who are in bad times, do share this song with them!

And for these two, I hope their Radio show would continue for a long, long time and their funny, weird friendship would continue to grow!

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