l i t t l e p l u t o (littlepluto) wrote in kanjani8,
l i t t l e p l u t o

Kanjani8 Chronicle EP85 & more

Hello, I was just wondering if anyone planning on subbing any Kanjani8 Chronicle episodes?

The reason I ask is, I've found a community that has the raw videos for epsiode 85 (Eita & Ikuta Toma) and other videos. Also, a link for the Tomoya episode (but its just his cut so only the dodgeball bit)

The community is on dreamwidth. It's moderated but the rules are very easy, so you should have no trouble at all joining, and acceptance is pretty quick, at least for me anyway!

If you're interested in subbing or simply want the link to watch, private IM me (rule states not share link to comm pubicly, sorry) and I'll send you it!
Tags: !: question, tv: kanjani chronicle

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